Installing pyroot


I have ROOT installed to work with the CINT interpreter, but I was unable to use pyroot (Python doesn’t know any root module).

I found on the webpage about pyroot I should be using this:

Which I did (./configure --enable-python)
I then did the make install again and everything was installed.

Afterwards, root was still unable to be imported in root, so I just manually copied the and to the lib folder.

I am now able to import classes from ROOT in python, however, I get the following errors:

I guess there’s still something wrong, even though everything seems to be working as it should (for instance, this TH2D is drawn and it looks ok).

Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of these errors?

Thank you,

Hi Jonathan,

I think that a full reproducer is needed here.



which envars did you set? Seems that at least $ROOTSYS is missing.

The easiest is to, after install, “source bin/” (or thisroot.csh, if you use a shell from the csh family) which sets up ROOTSYS and all its friends.