Installing PyROOT under SCL6


as indicated in the topic I would like to install PyROOT on my computer (to use ROOT within Python).

I’m using Scientific Linux 6 - 64-bit version, I have installed ROOT (v5.34/15), I have gcc-4.4.7 and Python 2.6.6.

For linking the libraries against my own scripts I’ve downloaded the ROOT binaries (both for gcc-4.4 and gcc-4.8 ) and set the variable ROOTSYS pointing to the version for gcc-4.4. Unfortunately these binaries does not contain the PyROOT libraries. On the other hand, those libraries are included in the binaries for gcc-4.8 which I cannot use.

I also tried to set ROOTSYS to “/afs/…” but I couldn’t find the version I’m using there (ROOT v5.34/15).

The ROOT user’s guide also says one should set the variable PYTHONDIR to “/afs/” but for some reasons there is no linebreak in the pdf-file so I cannot read further. But I assume that this is only necessary if one wants to use Python within ROOT (I want to use ROOT within Python).

I also installed the package which is listed under PyROOT in the package manager.

Can I somewhere download the binaries for PyROOT which are compatible with gcc-4.4? Or is there another solution?

Many thanks in advance! Best regards,

Dominik Vilsmeier


don’t set PYTHONDIR (or anything other related) to /afs if you use your local version of python, that is only if you intend to run python from /afs.

Where did you find the binaries?