Installing Oracle s/w from GSI

We (GLAST) have been trying to get our hands on the GSI Oracle software for over a week now, from

to go along with our move to 4.02.00 on RHEL.

No luck and no response from the author. I click on the ftp url and it comes back with ‘no data returned’. Is this the only place to get it.

Also will Oracle ever have Root-Central support?



Hi Richard,

we have a new Oracle module from Fermilab that will work with the new Oralce client API. We plan to integrate it in ROOT proper asap. The only hold up was getting the proper client lib from CERN’s Oracle support so we can build and test the module at CERN.

Cheers, Fons.

Hi Fons,

That is good news! Is there any chance we could get a preview of the module? We’re a bit stuck at the moment. We’d like to have Oracle access to our dataset catalogue - but now that we’ve made the move to 4.02 we can’t get the code from GSI (though I’m wondering as I write this if we just have to rebuild the code we had for previous versions, including 4.00, could not just be rebuilt against 4.02 for now - assuming we didn’t throw it away and just keep!).