Installing on QNX

Does anyone have experience building under QNX? With a few tweaks and using
./configure linux I can get a good portion of the code built but not all

a) softlink /opt/X11R6 into /usr/X11R6 so configure finds it.
b) remove -pthread from gcc options
c) (unrelated to root but needed for QNX QNX_HOST /usr/qnx63/host/qnx/x86

OS : QNX Neutrino v6.3
gcc: 2.95.3 (I can install 3.xx - is this a good idea/required/recommended/etc)
root: 5.08.00 from source

Gets as far as
cint/src/Method.cxx: In method long int G__MethodInfo::FilePosition()': cint/src/Method.cxx:523:struct fpos_t’ used where a long int' was expected cint/src/Method.cxx:533: warning: control reaches end of non-void functionG__MethodInfo::FilePosition()’

I will contine to work at it until I get it or someone rescues me.


I strongly suggest to install any gcc version >= 3.2
Forget gcc 2.95