Installing error. Path too long installer unable to modify path

Hello, I hope i post in correct section.
So I am trying to install the newest version of root on Windows, constantly getting this error.

ROOT version: root_v6.24.06.win32.vc16.debug
Windows 11 Home build 22000.376

any help?
Thank you.


Is there any other message printed on screen besides what you posted? Are you building ROOT from sources?

Pinging @bellenot so he’s aware.

Thank you for the answer.
I was installing the precompiled version, so no more information, rather than [Path too long installer unable to modify path] was given.

Hi, this is a known issue, and it’s not coming from ROOT itself, but from the installer. If you search the forum you can find several posts about this issue, see for example Install Error: PATH too long - #3 by pamputt

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Thank you!
So, I installed without path and added manually afterwords.

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