Installing/compiling ROOT 6.06/08 on Kubuntu 14.10

There aren’t really any instructions how to install/compile ROOT neither on nor in the README files. This is what I tried:

Downloaded root_v6.06.08.source.tar.gz and unpacked it.
CDed into the root directory where I had unpacked it to.

Following I guess ./configure, make, sudo checkinstall is the way to go?

./configure seems to run successful, a lot of information/success messages as far as I can tell, nothing says Error.

make ends with this error:

core/metautils/src/TMetaUtils.o: Datei nicht erkannt: Datei abgeschnitten collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status /home/monika/programme/root/core/utils/ recipe for target 'core/utils/src/rootcling_tmp' failed make: *** [core/utils/src/rootcling_tmp] Error 1
where Datei nicht erkannt = file not recognized and Datei abgeschnitten = file cut off.


Does this guide not cover it? Or am I missing something?

If you use gcc 4.[89].x, ROOT 6.06 (note: use 6.06/08 instead of the older 6.06/06) -> Trouble compiling ROOT 6
If you use gcc 5.x, ROOT 6.06 (note: use 6.06/08 instead of the older 6.06/06) -> Memory leak in ROOT::Math::IntegratorMultiDim
Any gcc version, ROOT v5-34-00-patches -> Trouble Installing
See also -> No graphical output

Does this guide not cover it? Or am I missing something?[/quote]
Ah, I didn’t find that guide.

Step 5 cmake --build . seems to have run successfully (counted up to 100%, no errors), I did step 6, sourcing the … but I can’t run root (step 7). I get the error message that the application root is currently not installed.

No problem!
I’m not sure what is causing your current problem. Did you try running root from the same tab you sourced in? Or are you sourcing from your bashrc?

In the same tab.

I found out that one can install ROOT 5 from the repository, the package name is root-system-bin.

Would be nice if they mentioned that somewhere on , would have saved me several days of googling and trial and error :-/ . With a name like root it’s also not exactly easy to find in a repository.