Installing CMAKE separatly is really necessary on windows?


I’m really excited to be able to use ROOT on Windows thanks a lot for your work ! I have a question about the installation requirements. Actually I’ve just installed last python version and Visual Studio BUILD TOOLS 2019 with “C++ Build Tools” package which include “C++ cmake tools for windows”. I didn’t installed cmake separatly and I get no errors and I’m able to do fits etc. So installing cmake separatly is rellay necessary to have all features ?


ROOT Version: 6.24/00
Platform: windows 10 pro 64 bits
Compiler: C++ cmake tools for windows

I’m glad that ROOT on Windows works for you! Our Windows expert @bellenot is currently out of office, I’ll leave it to him to comment on the cmake installation.

CMake is only needed if you want to build ROOT from source or if you want to create applications with ROOT. And I think (well, at least I hope) the one shipped with Visual Studio is good enough.

Hi, ok I understand now. Talking about that, concretely what’s the difference between building from source and use a pre-compiled version for the user ? what is excatly creating applications with ROOT?


Depending on the version of Visual Studio installed on the system, the pre-compiled binary might not work properly.

One can create a stand-alone application using the ROOT libraries

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