Installation of Windows binary 5.34.18

After installing the Windows root binary version 5.34.18 on Windows Professional 64-bit service pack 1, I was receiving an error message when trying to run TBrowser b and several other demo programs.

The pop-up message was: The program can’t start because LIBEAY32.dll
is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Apparently this dll has something to do with SSL. I installed Open SSL lite and this seemed to fix the problem. Is this an option which should be off in the build? If not is this the recommended version of SSL to install ?

In trying various things I think I also found that it affected all three different VC++ versions of the windows 5.34.18 binaries.


ROOT has been built against OpenSSL 1.0.0d. But I think SSL should be disabled on Windows, to not force people to install it if not really needed… Thanks for the feedback!

Cheers, Bertrand.