Installation of ROOT on Almalinux9

I try to install root from the gitrepo by the cmd given in the docu:

git clone --branch latest-stable ...

I expect 6.30.02 but got 6.28.06, i.e. the version for which
the binary distribution was removed.

In the dependencies part of the docu an entry for Almalinux would be
E.g. in the Centos command there is still redhat-lsb-core which is
no longer available


_ROOT Version:6.30.02
_Compiler:gcc 11.4.1

Hi Otto,

Long time no see! Thanks for the post.

Sorry for the glitch with latest-stable. It should be fixed now and correctly point to 6.30.02.

For the specific Alma/RH entry in the dependencies part of the documentation, we’ll fix it: thanks for reporting this.


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