Installation of root in Windows 10

I have installed MobaXterm in windows10. Please let me know how can I install root?

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You can use the native build on Windows (no need of any X11 server). See the Release 6.14/04 page for the details

Cheers, Bertrand.

Hi Bertrand,
I just tried the latest native windows build (6.14/04),as you suggest, and it does not work for me. I have not installed the full Visual Studio, but only the redistributables (different versions, actually installed by other programs, but including the latest of VC2017, which I just updated manually to v14.15.26706), as shown below:

I downloaded root_v6.14.04.win32.vc15.exe and and none works. I get these errors:

And the zip file in fact does not contain the cling\lib… folder mentioned in the eror:

So I have no clue whether the problem is with Visual Studio, Root, or something else.
On this same machine, root 5.34.36 runs without issues, only requiring the VC 2010 redistributable, that’s why I supposed the full Visual Studio (2017 in this case) is not really needed. Or is it? (but still, note the apparently missing folders inside root, as I mentioned above).

  • Daniel

I will look at it next week (in the ROOT Users’ workshop this week)

Cheers, Bertrand

I cannot reproduce the problem, but I have the full version of Visual Studio 2017, together with the version 10 of the Windows Kit (C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10). I’ll try with an empty virtual machine and let you know asap.

Thanks Bernard. If a full Visual Studio is required, it would be nice to have also (in the download page perhaps) some notes saying this, and/or advice on the minimum download needed, since the MS VS pages give many download options; for instance, going to the free “community” version we still need to select what components to download; eg, this page
says a full install takes over 35 GB, so it would be nice to know whether ROOT needs all of that to be installed; maybe just the “C++ desktop development” component would be enough?

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