Installation in KEK AIX

Please, help me decide problem of installation on AIX Version 5.1

I type the next command:
./configure aixegcs
to compile root with g++,
and after some compilations get the next error:

Running build/unix/
Making cint/MAKEINFO
g++ -O -D_AIX41 -DR__AIXGCC -D_AIX32 -fsigned-char -Iinclude -o cint/main/cppmain.o -c cint/main/cppmain.cxx
g++ -o cint/main/cint_tmp cint/main/cppmain.o
cint/src/auxu.o cint/src/cast.o cint/src/debug.o cint/src/decl.o cint/src/disp.o cint/src/dump.o cint/src/end.o cint/src/error.o cint/src/expr.o cint/src/fread.o cint/src/func.o cint/src/g__cfunc.o cint/src/gcoll.o cint/src/global1.o cint/src/global2.o cint/src/ifunc.o cint/src/inherit.o cint/src/init.o cint/src/input.o cint/src/intrpt.o cint/src/loadfile_tmp.o cint/src/macro.o cint/src/malloc.o cint/src/memtest.o cint/src/new.o cint/src/newlink.o cint/src/oldlink.o cint/src/opr.o cint/src/parse.o cint/src/pause.o cint/src/pcode.o cint/src/pragma.o cint/src/quote.o cint/src/scrupto.o cint/src/shl.o cint/src/sizeof.o cint/src/stdstrct.o cint/src/struct.o cint/src/stub.o cint/src/tmplt.o cint/src/typedef.o cint/src/val2a.o cint/src/value.o cint/src/var.o cint/main/G__setup.o cint/src/Api.o cint/src/Apiif.o cint/src/BaseCls.o cint/src/CallFunc.o cint/src/Class.o cint/src/DataMbr.o cint/src/Method.o cint/src/MethodAr.o cint/src/Token.o cint/src/Type.o cint/src/Typedf.o cint/src/gcc3strm.o cint/src/longif3.o -lm -L…/lib -lCint -lbsd -lcurses -lld
collect2: library libCint not found
make: *** [cint/main/cint_tmp] Error 1

Please, help.

A lot of thanks,


The error message indicates that
does not exist. It looks like you had a fatal error during the compilation or linling of CINT itself.
Could you send more info?

Note that we have no experienve with the gcc version under aix. We maintain mainly
the xlC version under aix.


Dear Rene.
Thank You very much for quick responce.
I tryed to use xlC comiler, but ROOT didn’t compiled.
I need ROOT on cluster only to save results fo Geant4 simulation, and neen not any graphical envirovment. Please help me.

nohupmake.txt (1.41 MB)
nohupconf.txt (2.44 KB)


I do not see anything wrong in your log file for the installation with xLc.
All the warnings are normal.
Your output being truncated, I do not know
if the executables and libs have all been built correctly. I suggest to do
gmake -k
to force the makefile to go to the end.
Send me the result of
ls -l bin
ls -l lib

try to execute root with one of the tutorials


Dear Rene.
This is listing of directory you asked.
Thank you for help.
nohuplib.txt (390 Bytes)
nohupbin.txt (72 Bytes)

Could you do what I suggested?

gmake -k
ls -l bin
ls -l lib

if you do not see an executable root.exe
in the bin directory, send me the output of gmake -k. Otherwise, if root.exe is there, you should be able to work.


Dear Rene!
A lot of thanks, root.exe is exist and I hope all wiil work.

Thank you for help!