Install ROOT on Ubuntu 11.04


I configured ROOT (r40417) with these options:
–enable-roofit --enable-minuit2 --enable-fftw3
and then:

It compiles successfully, but whenever I try to open a RooWorkspace created with histfactory, I get these errors:
Warning in TClass::TClass: no dictionary for class RooStats::HistFactory::FlexibleInterpVar is available
Warning in TClass::TClass: no dictionary for class PiecewiseInterpolation is available
Error in TBufferFile::ReadObject: trying to read an emulated class (PiecewiseInterpolation) to store in a compiled pointer (TObject)
Error in <TClass::New with placement>: cannot create object of class RooAbsReal version 2 at address 0x2ccccc0

*** Break *** segmentation violation

I’ve done the same installation procedure on another computer (redhat), and it works just fine, but not on my laptop.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Silje,

Can you try with the trunk? We solve many issues with Ubuntu 11.04.