Install ROOT on SUSE 10.1


I have recently installed SUSE linux 10.1 in my computer and then i’ve tried to install ROOT (many versions) but without success. At the beginning I had an error because there wasn’t installed g77 compiler. I installed g77 but again an error message displays at the last line, which is:

"make: ***[ldap/src/TLDAPserver.o]
Error 1 "

The procedure we must follow to install ROOT is:

  1. In root dir ->./configure
  2. make
  3. as root user (su) -> make install
    are these steps correct?

Any piece of help is welcome…


The problem in compiling LDAP on some systems was fixed several weeks ago in CVS. To bypass the problem use
make -k
instead of

or use the CVS version
or wait for the release 5.12 coming middle of next week


Thank you Rene !