Install ROOT-Externals Using CVMFS


I’m trying to install ROOT6 (6.08/02) on a SLC6 system for a project using TMVA. Part of the instructions include sourcing ROOT externals as follows:

source /afs/

I don’t have AFS on the target computer, but I do have CVMFS. According to [1], there should be a way to access this via CVMFS. However, I can’t find the equivalent directory structure and files under ‘/cvmfs/’. The closest I see is ‘/cvmfs/’, which is empty. Where should I be looking instead?

Thank you

[1] … s-afscvmfs


for the informations relative to the usage of central installation, you can always refer to this page .

To get ROOT for SLC6, you can rely on the LCG views, the most complete installation you can get of ROOT and several other packages:

source /cvmfs/ 


To complement Danilo’s. An LCG view contains all the externals and ROOT itself. If what you want is just the ROOT externals is better just to use a partial view:

source /cvmfs/

I have updated the HowTo to include the CVMFS location. Thanks for reporting it.

Much appreciated, thank you!