Install CVS ROOT on FreeBSD 5.1

Hello ROOTers,

I complied ROOT from source after updating ROOT source via CVS
on 2004 May 31st.
Although I succeeded in compling ROOT, I encounted the following error
when I tried to install ROOT via ‘gmake install’

% gmake install
bin/rlibmap -r etc/system.rootmap -l lib/ \
           -d  -c matrix/inc/LinkDef.h
rlibmap: error locking output file
gmake: *** [map-matrix] Error 1

Please give me advice.

OS FreeBSD 5.1
gcc v3.2.2
ROOT source was configued by
./configure freebsd4 --enable-table --with-opengl-incdir=/usr/X11R6/include --with-opengl-libdir=/usr/X11R6/lib --disable-openiv --disable-cern --disable-krb5 --enable-rpath --enable-soversion

Hello ROOTters,

I could install ROOT from source without the previous problem
after updating the ROOT source via CVS(ver 4.00.06).

Thank you.

I have experienced a similar problem and posted a bug report at … user=guest

In your bug report, you mention version 1.0.2.
This cannot be a ROOT version.
Did you really try to install a recent version such as 4.01/04?


Sorry, I have entered the incorrect vesion number for bug id 2585 … user=guest

The correct version is 4.00.08f
As from root_v4.00.08f.source.tar.gz