Install and running root

Hello everyone

although root is installed i can’t open it
thanks in advance.

How exactly did you install ROOT? If you get a precompiled binary (and you should, unless you have a reason to compile your own), make sure it is the one for your specific linux (if it’s Ubuntu, get the ROOT for the specific version of Ubuntu – 18,20,22–, or whatever the case).
And did you install all required packages (check the dependencies page; I guess you are on Ubuntu)? Before installing these, on Ubuntu I always install “build-essential” first to be safe; I think it already comes pre-installed on recent Ubuntus, but try to install it if not sure.

See also Unable to locate package libtinfo6 - #6 by eguiraud

now that i upgraded Ubuntu from version 18 to 22 and tried to open it … that’s the result

check the Dependencies - ROOT, maybe you need to apt install libssl-dev

Or download the new binary for Ubuntu 22: Release 62806 - ROOT

If you have another libssl version, you can do a dirty hack with a symbolic link.

here i’m trying to install rootv6.28.06

Do you need to install it? Can’t you just download the binary executable?

please would you explain more to me ?

Unzip the file I linked. Open a terminal and write:
source root/bin/
root -l

The first line you can add to your .bashrc if in the future you do not want to call it explicitly.

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