Input value when running root -b -q

I need help on how to get input value when running the following macro using “root -b -q”.
void oo(string s, int a)
cout<<s<<" "<<a<<endl;

I did the following:

root -b -q oo.C\(\"test\"\, 10\)

The error message is:

Processing oo.C(“test”,…
input_line_11:3:1: error: expected expression
<<< cling interactive line includer >>>:1:1: error: expected ‘}’
input_line_11:1:42: note: to match this ‘{’
void __cling_Un1Qu30(void* vpClingValue) {

Any hints would be appreciated



root -b -q 'oo.C("test", 10)'

cool. That works. Thanks

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