Input needed: CTest usage for cross compiled binary on QNX target


Use of CTest utility while running a (Unit Test)binaries on QNX target.


I have few binaries in project, which are cross compiled(Project compiled in windows for a QNX target.)

Project is of CMake environment, CMake provides CTest utility along. So that when running multiple test cases(in case of unit testing), we can use many test controlling features.


When I run these binaries on the target, I am not able to use the CTest feature, as I will not have CMAKE/CTEST libraries available in QNX target.

What I tried:

Keeping the CMAKE libraries in QNX target and setting the path environment variables à later run test cases with ctest . DID NOT HELP ME.

Via QNX momentics, I Can access CMAKE library since this is nothing but an additional tool on windows machine. But this still needs QNX connection to run the binaries à which again misses the CTest utility.

Is there a way, I can achieve this via SCP/SSH commands. where I can make use of utilities from Windows and still run the test cases on QNX target?

Hi, I don’t think we have QNX target, which gives me a feeling that you wrote in the wrong forum.

Sorry for this,

Correct me if I am wrong!.
I understand that, you support CMake queries. With this understanding I have asked question about CTest. CTest is an additional utility provided by CMake.

If the forum is still invalid for the question, please ignore. Sorry for spamming your mailbox.