Input_line_41:7:10: fatal error: 'TCluster.hh' file not foun


I have a question about adding an own class:
I was able to use my own class for quite a while without any problems.

After reinstalling a copmputer I wanted to use my own class again.

I am compiling my code without any problems.
The Dicts and the shared object are created as they should be.

I place the shared object in the directory “~/lib/”

In my .rootlogon.C I am loading the shared object with the lines

This was working perfectly in the past.

Since I have updated to a new root version (with git, commit: 163525000bfa335dabba3c9e92fdc135027901b4, hash 1635250, last change May16th 14:47:35), my programs which are using this class are not working any more:
I also cannot open root without an error message:

Warning in <TClassTable::Add>: class pair<int,float> already in TClassTable Warning in <TClassTable::Add>: class pair<float,float> already in TClassTable input_line_41:7:10: fatal error: 'TCluster.hh' file not found #include "TCluster.hh" ^

So somehow I have to give him the location of the header files…
Where should one put the files in order to be able to use the class in root and in the programs?



OK Some Updates:
With further investigation I figured out that there are 2 different points where you can include

CInt: with .I (not .include anymore…)
and gSystem AddIncludePath("-I/this/directory/")

So now I am able at least to open ROOT without anyproblems.

I am still NOT able to use my compiled code. It somehow seems that the TCluster class is NOT read correctly. My Tree which I am creating does contain everything but the TCluster objects…

Can anyone help me?


Does you code still work with v5.34/09? What is the full content of your rootlogon.C? What is the complete error (message)?