Informations about the build

Is there a way (except for GetBuildArch, Dir, Node) to find out the compile statements
that have been used for a certain ROOT system. Apache httpd does save this in a
file called config.log (nice thing). Is there something similar in ROOT available?


depends on what you’re looking for specifically - what compile statements do you mean? We have e.g. the config statement in ./config.status. There’s a whole bunch of build settings accessible via bin/root-config. And there is include/compiledata.h. Anything else you need?

Cheers, Axel.

Ok this was defenitly not precise enough.

I compiled the root version already some time ago and deleted the build directory
after a make install. Now I need to figure out which compiler statements have been
used for the build, like:

thats all (by the way: I did some modifications on the config/Makefile.solarisCC5 to
better adapt to the underlying arthitecure (UltraSPARC-IV) after running configure

  • I know, otherwise the compiler flags would be known).
    For Apache httpd I found that configure leaves a file config.log which holds
    exactly this information. So my question is if I can get this information somewhere in
    the installed system (e.g. did I find gSystem->GetBuildNode() gives me already
    the machine I compiled the system for - great!)?

you might be able to extract it from include/compiledata.h
Cheers, Axel.

Yesss! All I was looking for is in there!
Great Thanks a lot!