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Hi rooters,

I need some information about the famous exercise called HEPTutorial. I have to do the invariant mass of boson Z from the real data of CERN. Can someone give me some advice, slides or hint for do this? I don’t know how do this because nobody said me how compile and execute all the programme.
Here!j8hCmCyb!ywKmlUTAnq0TzjIOOLULkOE_FryIYyUfutOxjeaDmDY you can find the archive.
Thank you in advance, this is very important for my next exam. I don’t want that someone do all the exercise but I just want to understand how do that.

_ROOT Version: 6.13/03
_Platform: lubuntu1~18.04.1
_Compiler: gcc 7.4.0

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Hi Tom_p,

First of all you can see the slides about this tutorial: Slides HEP Tutorial CMS then you need to see this intresting PDF, it explain very well how do to the analysis: HEP Intro.pdf (172.8 KB)

By the way, for complete solution you can replace the file MyAnalisys.h, MyAnalysis.C and example.C with the following: example.C (4.1 KB) MyAnalysis.C (21.9 KB) MyAnalysis.h (11.0 KB)


  1. you book a histogram with a pointer (declaration in MyAnalysis.h, definition in MyAnalys.C in SlaveBegin)
  2. You fill this pointer to a vector of histograms (histogram.push_back(h_Mmumu). This is done directly after the booking
  3. Then you fill the histogram in Process
  4. The actual drawing is done in example.C by the command P.Plot(…) this loops internally over the vector and plots every stored histogram. See the Plotter.C class for the implementation of this, but you should be fine without touching this part of the code.

That’s all!

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Thanks a lot @lm17n000032 , it is a good way to start to understand the problem. I wait other hint in order to understand better but thank you so much.

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