Increasing ROOT::Math::Minimizer max number of parameter


I’m using a ROOT::Math::Minimizer object to perform a minimization procedure.
I call the default minimizer Minuit2 and the default algorithm Migrad.
Recently I increased the number of parameters to 160 and the programm is crashing when trying to set the function via: min->SetFunction(f);

My question is how can I increase the maximum number of parameters? I know there is a constructor of TMinuit with maxpar as an argument but that’s all I found and since I use ROOT::Math:Minimizer I don’t construct the TMinuit object myself.

Thank you very much,


There is no maximum number of parameter in the Minimizer (you are limited only by your computer memory)
So, it should not crash for n=160. Can you post a gdb trace from the crash or better, your code reproducing this crash?