Inconsistent documentation/code

Hi ROOT developers,

I am using version 5.28, but this inconsistency between documentation and code is present on the trunk version as well.

The documentation for sine and cosine transforms in the file, states

line 46 ===> // DCT-II (REDFT10 in FFTW3 notation)- kind=1
line 47 ===> // DCT-III(REDFT01 in FFTW3 notation)- kind=2
line 50 ===> // DST-II (RODFT10 in FFTW3 notation)- kind=5
line 51 ===> // DST-III(RODFT01 in FFTW3 notation)- kind=6

since sine and cosine transforms are done by TFFTReal class, I had a look on the file, as I can see on lines

line 370 ===> case 1: ((fftw_r2r_kind*)fKind)[i] = FFTW_REDFT01; break;
line 371 ===> case 2: ((fftw_r2r_kind*)fKind)[i] = FFTW_REDFT10; break;
line 374 ===> case 5: ((fftw_r2r_kind*)fKind)[i] = FFTW_RODFT01; break;
line 375 ===> case 6: ((fftw_r2r_kind*)fKind)[i] = FFTW_RODFT10; break;

case 1, 2 and 5, 6, are inverted. In line 370 for example FFTW_REDFT01 should read FFTW_REDFT10 according to the documentation. So changing 01 to 10 and vise-versa should solve the problem.

Best regards, Marcelo

Thank you for your post. You are right, we will fix the documentation as you suggested

Best Regards