Inconsistency of TTree SetAutoSave documentation

In the TTree Fill documentation, there is the following statement:

However, this is inconsistent with the autosave documentation: … etAutoSave

It should say fAutoSave(-300000000, ie 300 Mbytes) and specify that is for entries if positive, for bytes if negative. See:
And in the TTree.h line 112 and 113 are also not correct. And for lines 496 and 497, the default value has a changed sign, I do not know if this is on purpose.

On the contrary, the autoflush documentation is quite well described and coherent: … tAutoFlush

See related ticket, I think is quite important to correct the documentation for avoiding confusion.

I just found this is a duplicate of an old post:

[TTree::SetAutoSave, does it still work? (5.34.05)

The documentation has been updated to reflect the fact that fAutoSave can indeed have negative (number of bytes) or positive (number of entries) values.