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Inconsistency between EvaluateRegression and TMVAReg.root output file

Dear Experts,
I’m reading a xml file for a regression into an analysis code.
The values of the target I get from
reader->EvaluateRegression( “BDTG” ))[0];
are not the same, in the same event, as those stored in the output file TMVAReg.root of TMVARegression.C I used.
small_ana.C (14.5 KB)
I attached the TMVARegression.C and the code (L 183TMVARegression.C (32.8 KB) )

Best, Marianna.

Maybe @moneta can take a look

Hello, I had a silly bug in the input variables in the analysis code. I have now consistency. Sorry for spamming!

OK, no problem, thanks for letting us know!