Incompatibilities between different root versions?


I’m using Root version 3.05/00 to generate a pretty standard root tuple which just contains integers, floats and a couple of arrays. I’ve generated a macro which just draws one variable after applying some cuts, however this macro is giving me a lot of headache…

The macro works fine when I use 3.05/00, however it fails with version 4.00/04. I’ve also tried 3.10.02 and 3.05.03, but without success. Since there is not error message I have absolutely no idea what’s going on; root just terminates itself.
I’ve also compiled the macro using .L … leading to the same end result (and without any error information).
I’ve checked if the input root files are corrupt, but this is not the case.

So can anybody tell me how to get more detailed error information from root? I’m really puzzled…

Thanks in advance for any help,

This is the typical symptom of a mismatch in your $PATH, $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ie
inconsistencies between versions.
eg, your PATH might be correct, but not the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.



I’ve checked all relevant variables, however I cannot see anything wrong…

noeding@haco04:$ echo $ROOTSYS
noeding@haco04:$ echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
noeding@haco04:$ echo $PATH


Could you send a simplified version of yoiur macro reproducing your problem?
Could you run under gdb and send us teh results when it crashes.


You didn’t generate your ntuples by converting from PAW ntuples, did you ?

h2root has been changed recently to allow shorts and chars instead of integers with small enough range.
So, you would need to make sure types of variables in macro are the same as in your ntuple.