Including TXNetFile.h, but missing XrdSysToOuc.h


It seems that TXNetFile.h depends on XrdSysToOuc.h, and is explicitly included:

#ifndef ROOT_XrdSysToOuc
#include “XrdSysToOuc.h”

However, this include file is not packaged in ROOT or xrootd or even in the xrootd src code. One can just use TXNetFiles functionality implicitly through TFile, but it is currently impossible to access TXNetFile directly due to this missing include file.

Should I file a bug report?
ROOT version 5.32.00-x86_64-slc5-gcc4.3

Andrew Meade


This is the expected behavior. As you wrote, all what you need is in TFile, i.e. you are not supposed to include TXNetFile directly.
I do not know the reason why you want to include TXNetFile, but if you really want to that you can always build ROOT from source and then you have all what you need.

G. Ganis