Including system headers in Cint

I am using Mac OS X 10.7 and the ROOT trunk and I would like to include the header of the OpenCL framework in root.
This is given by OpenCL/opencl.h and is given inside the OpenCL.framework folder in the Apple developer folder.

However, when I include this in a macro to be run in the Cint interpreter. I get the following error –

root [0] 
Processing CLTest.C...
Error: cannot open file "OpenCL/opencl.h"  CLTest.C:5:
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

Could you tell me how to do this…

Cheers, nebu.


You can use the CINT command ‘.include’ to indicates where to find the header files.
OpenCL being a compiled libraries, you probably need to generate the dictionary to properly acesss it, so you might need to do:

root [0] .L library_location/ root [1] .L OpenCL/opencl.h+ which respective load the library and compile and load the dictionary.