Including Header Files in Root Macros


I have a root macro and at the beginning I have lots of declarations and histogram bookings that I want to move to a header file. I create a header file macroname.h and withing my macro I put #include “macroname.h”. This doen’t not work, it complains:

Error: Unexpected EOF G__fignorestream():3 Eff_ClusteringToIsolation_HLT.h:247:
Advice: You may need to use +P or -p option

If I then take out the #include and replace it with the code in the header file everything works fine. Any idea what the problem is?

Thanks, Claire


I agree that this must work - and usually it does. Could you give me the files (the included and the including file) so I can reproduce this?

Cheers, Axel.


Thanks for th quick reply, It is working now. I had to remove me naming the axes of my histograms and now it works, I don’t really know why!

Thanks again, Claire