Include GRL in c++ root script


I am trying to apply a GRL to a c++ ROOT script that I want to compile as a standalone program. However, the example given in
only shows how to do it in CINT and also didn’t specify how to save the histograms in the root file after filtering with GRL. My compilation runs into problem when it reads gSystem->Load(" $TestArea/DataQuality/GoodRunsLists/i686-slc4-gcc34-opt/"); DQ::SetXMLFile("jetetmiss_7TeV15228-155697.xml"); , complaining that `DQ' has not been declared. It hasn’t even got to the writing histogram part so I don’t even know if the code responsePtGoodHist->Write("DQ::PassRunLB(RunNumber,lbn)"); is anywhere near correct. Can anyone give me a hand?




instead of loading the library you’ll have to link against it, and you will have to #include the necessary header files.

We are not allowed to access the ATLAS wiki pages. Not knowing what they say we cannot really help you, unless you copy and paste their content here, but then you probably violate some ATLAS terms of use.

Cheers, Axel.