In TDSet, how to specify machine on which disk is local?

I am using a TDSet with Proof and I want to be able to specify the machine on which the given file is local, so that Proof will try to run it on that system. None of the syntax in the examples in the TDSet class documentation seems to be correct for local file systems (ie., not on the web and served by an Apache server, as in those examples).

What is the correct syntax to specify the machine on which the file resides?



Dear Alex,

The first argument to TDSet::Add is the url of the file.
If your file ‘myfile.root’ is on ‘’ under ‘/some/path’ then if you add it with

it will be assigned with highest priority to worker ‘’ and open locally, i.e. w/o going through a daemon with TFile("/some/path/myfile.root").

Does this answer to your question?