Importing Root

For some reasons unknown to me, importing ROOT to the file doesnt work.
When I try to run python I get the error “No module named ROOT”.
I use Windows10 and X-Win32 to connect to the lxplus7 server.
How can I identify the problem?


Sorry to hear you are encountering this issue.
This looks like a problem with your setup. Importing the ROOT module on lxplus(7) works flawlessly.


Is there something I can do to solve the problem maybe downloading or updating something or should I contact someone from the help center to help me do it?


If you are trying to import the ROOT module in a python program or interpreter on lxplus7 or lxplus, I think nothing has to be done because, by default, ROOT is installed on lxplus machines and PyROOT works.


I realised the I didnt open the conda enviromnet needed for root to be imported. Sorry for the mistake.