Importing root graphics into OpenOffice


I would like to import root produced graphics into OpenOffice.
I woud like to create transparent/hollow Canvas so the Canvas in OpenOffice
would have the background set in the OpenOffice. I have tried to
set variable
int CanvasFillStyle = 0;
int CanvasFillStyle = 4000;
CC[ii] = new TCanvas(CName.c_str(), CTitle.c_str(), 800, 600);
CC[ii] -> SetFillStyle(CanvasFillStyle);

In both cases I save Canvas as gif file and import this file as graphics into OpenOffice.
I set slide background color into blue, but after import the Canvas is white.
I would like to have Canvas background to be the same as the slide.
I am using ROOT 3.10/01 11 November 2003 on RH Linux Fedora with OpenOffice 1.1.0.

I tried to import eps file into OpenOffice but instead of graphics in the slide the first
few lines from eps file were displayed.

I will really appreciate any help.


I am using the same version of ROOT and seeing the same “problem”. I sort of found the way around by setting the color I want to be transparent to some value that I don’t use for other graphics on the plot, and then converting gif file with giftrans utility or GIMP and changing that color to transparent. It still would be nice to do that in one take directly in ROOT though. If you, Michael, or somebody else has found the solution, please post it here.