ImportError: No module named rootpy.tree


I am trying to run a simple script in python and I get this error:

ImportError: No module named rootpy.tree

I have this in my code:
import ROOT
from rootpy.tree import TreeChain
from sys import argv

Any advice how to solve this? (addtion to the original post: I already have rootpy installed)


rootpy doesn’t come with ROOT.
You have to install it from

Oh, I see. Thanks a lot!

Sorry I misread that yesterday. I do have rootpy installed!

ok, so…

  • on which platform/OS are you?
  • where and how did you install it? which version?
  • with which python VM ? (py2, py3) (do you have multiple python installations?)
  • is there a python VM where this:
    import rootpy
    works? (and if it does, what does print(rootpy.__file__) show?)
  • what’s your $PYTHONPATH ?
  • MAC OSX 10.7.5
  • I installed it a while ago via macports, the python version is 2.7.1
  • $PYTHONPATH is /usr/bin/python

I have run some scripts before, but this particular one uses rootpy.tree (from rootpy.tree import TreeChain))and this seems to be the problem…

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