Image does not show in pop up canvas


I installed ROOT 6 on python 2.7. It works very well. I tested with simple plots, they showed up on screen as I expected. Then, I tried to run a simple test on python by creating the, it worked as well. When I plotted a histogram with python ( The canvas pops up on my screen but it showed nothing. Do you have any experience with it? How should I fix it?

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ROOT Version: 6.23
Platform: Not Provided
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It really depends on what is in your script. And you forgot to tell which platform you’re working on

Thanks for replying.
Sorry to forget to tell a platform. I am using a macOS Catalina.

The script just simple test ::
from ROOT import *

his = TH1F(“his”, “histogram”, 100, -5, 5)




from ROOT import TH1F, gPad, gSystem
his = TH1F("his", "histogram", 100, -5, 5)
# gPad.Modified(); gPad.Update() # maybe
gSystem.ProcessEvents() # 1
gSystem.ProcessEvents() # 2 (maybe)

Thanks so much. It works now. How “gSystem.ProcessEvents()” work and why I have to do it twice?

Maybe calling it once will be sufficient (sometimes two calls are required).

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