Ignore BUILD.sh

I noticed, that PROOFlite always ignores the BUILD.sh script, because all PROOFlite instances share the same file-system.
Is there a way to skip the build process on a “normal” PROOF cluster as well? This would save quite a lot of (cpu) time for me. In my setup the nodes of the PROOF cluster share the same filesystem, so recompiling the .par files is not necessaray. Additionally the PROOF cluster is just a temporary PROOF cluster, so the caching mechanism for the .par packages on the PROOF slaves doesn’t help much.


Dear Jörgen,

You should be able to achieve that by adding the key/value ‘image=a_name’ to the directives defining the workers.
For example, if in ‘proof.conf’ you have something like this:

worker  wrk100  image=nfs1
worker  wrk101  image=nfs1
worker  wrk102  image=nfs1

worker  wrk200  image=nfs2
worker  wrk201  image=nfs2
worker  wrk202  image=nfs2

then the package should be get built only on wrk100 and wrk200 .
The value of the key ‘image’ is just a string to match workers, no other meaning; you can put what you want. In your case the image string will be the same for all workers because they all share the same file system.

G. Ganis

PS: If you are using ‘xpd.worker’ to define the workers just add ‘image=…’ to those directives.