#ifdef parsing bug

I am using ROOT CVSed last monday.,with Linux 8.1, gcc 2.96.
If I include two blocks of

#ifdef _cplusplus
// stuff

in a header file. I does not load correctly into ROOT. I get the following error
root [0] .L bug.h
Error: Unexpected EOF G__exec_statement() FILE:bug.h LINE:19
Advice: You may need to use +P or -p option
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

If I comment out the second pair of #ifdef/#endif (leaving the //stuff in place), it works fine. If I comment out the first pair and leave the second it “breaks” as well.

I have attached an example file.
bug.h (163 Bytes)

I wanted to update that this problem was solved already. I’ve implemented a special case that Cint handles following ifdef.

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern “C” {

// something

#ifdef __cplusplus

Thank you
Masa Goto