Ideomatic way to compare contents of two root files

For checking backwards compatibility between different versions of TMVA I have number of files (weights for classifiers) from which I generate a set of root files. I now want to ensure that the contents of the generated files is identical to a set of reference root files.

I’d prefer to be able to use e.g. md5 to check for equality, but there are a number of fields in the root file that vary irrespective of content (e.g. ROOT-file version, UUID). Is there some convenient way of doing this in ROOT?

The files will consist only of histograms and TDirectories.


a way that I can think of is to explore recursively the ROOT files descending into the directories and comparing the content of the histograms, bin by bin. This is a very general problem which becomes particularly interesting when you don’t need to check identity but rather compatibility of histograms wrt a particular statistic, say, a chi2.
Experiments solved this in various ways. Perhaps you can be inspired by CMS:


Thanks for the insight Danilo! In the end I decided to use the GetQuartile function of TH1 since in this case I’ll only be dealing with this type of histogram.

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