I/O with TObject as virtual base

Is it possible to make TObject a virtual base of MyClass and still use ROOT’s I/O facilities? This 2010 post says that the answer was “no” then:

Given the discussion there, would it be correct to assume that this might be possible with ROOT6, but not with any v5-34 versions?


We have no plan to support virtual inheritance in the I/O in v5.34. After the release of ROOT 6 we are planning to review the priority for improvement in ROOT I/O (at a ROOT I/O workshop in June at CERN), the initial push will be in making the I/O usable in threaded environment and parallel merging of files. Support for virtual inheritance in the I/O is on the list of things to do but might not appear for a while (i.e. lower priority than other improvements).


Thanks for the info, Philippe. FWIW, I appreciate how hard it is to balance competing requests, and that priority order certainly makes sense to me.