I need to compile a specific root library, but have no compile directory

So, I’ve installed root onto a linux vm on my computer.

I need to compile a specific library for my uni

I get stuck at the step where I have to write the make setup commands because my root doesn’t have a compile directory

Have I built it incorrectly? Is /root/compile usually there by default?

I wouldn’t be having all these doubts if it also weren’t for this error message popping up whenever I start up root, even though it seems to resolve itself:

I’d appreciate any clarification you can provide, thank you!!!

ROOT Version: 6.22
Platform: Not Provided
Compiler: Not Provided


I am sorry to see you experienced this issue.
I would for the moment focus on the last screenshot. That points to a corrupted installation of ROOT.
My proposal is to go for a recent ROOT version and re-install it, before anything else.


Is Root 6.22 not a recent version?
Also, what about the last screenshot makes you think that this is unsalvageable (or at least that it would be easier to reinstall than to deal with)?

And how do I uninstall so that I don’t interfere with the next time I try to install Root

I appreciate your opinion, thank you!

Hi Omar,

ROOT 6.22 dates 2020.
Experience and other posts on the Forum. The error on you screen is typically linked to an upgrade of the compiler and deletion of the previous one but it’s hard to say, this is why I proposed a fresh install.
Hard to say how to uninstall, depends what you did to install in the first place.
I hope this helps.

Ah, alright.

For reference I used this guide because I thought that it was specific to me (installing on Windows VM):

Would this guide in general still work if I downloaded a more recent release instead?


sudo mv /mnt/c/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Downloads/root_v6.22.00.Linux-ubuntu20-x86_64-gcc9.3.tar.gz /opt/

in the terminal

Thank you,