I meet a problem when build aliroot

My OS is Ubuntu 14.04 32bit .
My list is
ROOT: v5-34-08
geant3: v1-15a
Aliroot: vAN-20140612
FastJet: 3.0.6
When I build the Aliroot at 77% , it break and tell me :

Linking CXX executable …/bin/tgt_linux/dHLTrootify
…/lib/tgt_linux/libSTEER.so: undefined reference to `AliAnalysisManager::StartAnalysis(char const*, TTree*, long long, long long)’

and many other " undefined reference to ‘XXXXXXX.so’ "

How to solve this problem?

This is probably not the forum for this question as it is AliRoot related.
Anyway, it really looks like you need to link the library which contains the AliAnalysisManager class to the executable as the linker says.