I just cant install this

Now I decided to start using root also in my laptop, after getting to know root in unix environment. Now I feel that I haven’t followed modern time… My current OS is windows XP.

  1. So what is cygwin? Somekind of unix look a like for windows?

  2. gcc3?

  3. Do I need these? I dont have any visual compiler on my laptop.

And how do I install? In which order and where?

My goal is to get a screen where I write root, it starts and the rest I know…


Hi nil,
download the win32 distribution, unpack it in a dir without spaces (say “C:\root” - note that the distribution puts everything into a subfolder called “root”, so unpack it into C:\ and root will end up in C:\root), open Start->Control Panel->System->Forgot->Environment variables, add set ROOTSYS=C:\root, and append C:\root\bin to PATH. Open cmd.exe (“command prompt”), type root, and off you go.

You will not be able to compile macros; for that you need visual c++, or you need to use win32gcc + cygwin.

On your other questions:

[quote=“nil”]1. So what is cygwin? Somekind of unix look a like for windows?[/quote] Kind of. See http://www.cygwin.com.

[quote=“nil”]2. gcc3?[/quote]The GNU compiler collection. Google is quite good at answering some of those basic questions :wink:

surprise… cant do…
I open environment variables and then I press new. It opens window with two lines. At first line it asks variable name and second line variable value. What should I write on these?

Hi nil,
surprise: can do, if you know how to:
edit the user environment variables, click new,
value: C:\root

once more:
name: PATH
value: C:\root\bin;%PATH%