I have a problem about the Browser

Hi experts,

I create a root file with many TGraph pictures, and there is an empty picture. When I use TBrowser to look at them , I find if I click the empty one then I can’t click other pictures.

For some conditions, it has no points ,so I draw an empty picture.
My root file is :
user.zgao.34463569._000148.ANALYSIS.root (522.0 KB)
The empty file is “graph_1.81<|#eta|<2.01_150<P_{t}<175;1”

Could you please give some advice to solve this problem?

  0 for i in range(12):

  1     for j in range(7):
  2             graph_names[i][j]= 'graph' + '_' + seven_eta_cut_name[j] + '_' + twelve_pt_cut_name[i]
  7             print(len(values_point[i][j][0]), " i ",i, "j ",j)
  8             if len(values_point[i][j][0]) >0:
 11                 graphs[i][j] = ROOT.TGraph(len(values_point[i][j][0]),np.array(values_point[i][j][0]),np.array(values_point[i][j][1]))
 12             else:
 13                 graphs[i][j] = ROOT.TGraph()
 14             graphs[i][j].SetTitle(graph_names[i][j])
 15             graphs[i][j].SetName(graph_names[i][j])

ROOT Version: 6.26/06

I did not try your code, but I don’t see that problem (with ROOT 6.26/10) with a TBrowser; I am able to double-click and see the other graphs after double-clicking on the empty one. Maybe try with a newer ROOT.


I guess you are using web-based TBrowser?
Seems to be it has problem to display TGraph with 0 points.
I will provide fix for this problem.


If you’re using web-based TBrowser and only if you want to move to normal TBrowser then you can go to your root directory then search for system.rootrc file. In that file you’ll find Browser.Name line and change that line to

Browser.Name: TRootBrowser

Yes, I’m using web-based TBrowser. After change the line to

Browser.Name: TRootBrowser
I can switch to other pictures. Thank you very much !

Problem with empty TGraphs in web graphics is fixed.
It will be included in next 6.30 release and also in next 6.28 patch release

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