I can't enter on the root data

When I enter on root the program open chrome and it tells that the host is not found, and the program also tells that:

ROOT comes with a web-based browser, which is now being started.
Revert to TBrowser by setting “Browser.Name: TRootBrowser” in rootrc file or
by starting “root --web=off”
Find more info on
Info in : Starting HTTP server on port 9445

Could anyone help me please?

Hi @Erix11 ,

welcome to the ROOT forum! Have you tried the suggested workaround, root --web=off?

As per what causes the actual error I think we need @linev .


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How I do that??, sorry I’m new.

How do you start ROOT?

I start root opening the app in the searching bar, opening directly one file named ‘‘B2HHH_MagnetUp’’. But if I open root by no file loaded it opens normaly. I don’t know how to use it, do you know how I can learn about? I’m a little bit lost and I don’t know what are you telling me sorry.

Hi @Erix11 ,

I guess you installed ROOT as a Snap package. I am not sure how to pass options to a Snap installation or how to configure it, maybe @James-Carroll can guide you.

In general you want to either start ROOT with the extra --web=off option or edit its configuration file, usually ~/.rootrc, as instructed in the error message. I am afraid that some familiarity with the terminal and Linux is required for this things, there is a large amount of resources available on the web.


Running root –web=off in the command line should work the same for the Snap install as it does with any other version of ROOT. However for the snap, ~/.rootrc would actually resolve to $HOME/snap/root-framework/current/.rootrc which is where you’d be expected to place the equivilent file.

I’m a little confused by

While the Snap installation does add two entries to start menu, they shouldn’t behave any differently to running either root or pyroot in the terminal, they’re only convenience shortcuts that wouldn’t be expected to have any functional effect on behaviour. They also don’t directly open TBrowser, which it sounds like might be happening with the icons on your installation.

Would you please be able to run the commands snap list and whereis root in the terminal, and provide a copy of the output the terminal generates for those two commands?

Also, it would be helpful if you could provide a screenshot of what the icons look like in the start menu / when you search for them, and the error message shown in Chrome when it’s unable to open the ROOT web GUI.

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