Huge uint32_t numbers in the tree

Dear ROOTers.
I’m experiencing difficulties using the browser and tree viewer interactive capabilities with the file in the attachment.
I have created this file by myself from the C-structures, I can read it successfully and build histogram (see code in attachment). However if I try to build the distribution of the “pc_counter_1” leaf by double-clicking it looks as if the values are too big and the range is not automatically selected correctly.
ReadRootFile.cpp (2.56 KB)
data.root (10.2 KB)

I’m afraid that this is a bug in ROOT (both 5.34/34 and 6.06/02). ROOT’s “Draw” method seems to treat these branches as “signed integers” when calculating axes ranges (and because unsigned integer “pc_counter_1” > 2147483647 then it thinks that these are negative values).
dataTree->Draw(“recordedData.pc_counter_1”); // broken
dataTree->Draw(“recordedData.pc_counter_1 - 2000000000”); // good
dataTree->Draw(“recordedData.pc_counter_1 - 0”); // surprise -> also good