How to write a shell script to run a root macro created by MakeClass()?

___Dear colleagues,

I worte my root macro by using MakeClass(), and there are many small script for many purpose.

Now I hope to write a shell script and run of script in the root macro files. How should I do ?

Usually, in root command line, I do this by few following lines:

  1. open root : root
  2. load my own root script : .L MyOwnClass.C
  3. define the class : MyOwnClass a
  4. run one script in it : a.Loop()

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Create a shell script which contains something like this:


# source /full_path_to/bin/ # if needed
root -b -l -x <<EOF
.L MyOwnClass.C
MyOwnClass a;

Thank you for your reply.
That is exactly what I need.

But after testing, It seems does not work.

“does not work” means what?

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