How to use the $ROOTSYS/fonts TTF fonts in ROOT GUI

I have just discovered the very pretty TrueType fonts which come
bundled with ROOT (at least with the latest SVN trunk version I’m using on Ubuntu 12.10).
In an attempt to make my ROOT-based GUI look better, I would like to use some
of these fonts instead of the usual times/helvetica/courier set, but I can’t find how
to do it.
For example if I change the line in $ROOTSYS/etc/system.rootrc
Gui.MenuFont: --helvetica-medium-r---14------iso8859-1
I can replace helvetica by times and get menus with Times font.
But what do I have to put if I want to use e.g. the Comic Sans MS font which is in
$ROOTSYS/fonts/comic.ttf ?
I tried replacing ‘helvetica’ by ‘comic’, or replacing the whole
by ‘comic’ or ‘comic.ttf’, but no joy.
Can somebody help me please?


I know that this is possible on Windows (since ttf is native on it) but this is apparently not the case on Linux. I’ll have to investigate…

Cheers, Bertrand.