How to use the "ccprof" option?

Hi rooters,

I have a program which I 'd like to profile. However I’m not able to use gprof with it : using the -pg option in the Makefile makes it crash with a segmentation violation… I’ve heard that it could be due to ROOT,is it true ? I’ve search on the ROOT website, but I can’t find any information about it : the only thing I found is a mention about the ccprof option in the ROOT Version 2.21 Release Notes, but I don’t know how to use it…

Could anyone tell me more about it ?

Thanks in advance.

For profiling I have been using callgrind (a tool build for valgrind (


I’ve been using gprof with programs depending on a couple of shared libs including the RooT libs and it works. I give the -pg option to the compiler and linker flags. Here’s a snippet from my makefile:

# Generate profile information (used by gprof) ? ifeq ($(PROF),on) CXXFLAGS += -pg LDFLAGS += -pg endif