How to use TBrowser in ROOTaaS

When using ROOTaaS inside jupyter, all the plots are directly drawn into the notebook cell and by doing “ROOT.TBrowser()” nothing would happen.

Is there any possible way to use TBrowser and TCanvas in a pop-up window just like in ROOT Prompt?
maybe something like “%matplotlib inline/qt” I guess?


TBrowser is not supported when running notebooks.
Canvases are inlined by default as images in the notebooks. Interactive javascript visualisation of ROOT plots is as well possible with the “%jsroot on” magic.
All the details can be found here:


OK, I saw there is a File Browser in jsroot:
Can I evoke this in the notebook as substitute?

No, I don’t think we support this.
On the other hand nothing forbids you to use it together with notebooks perhaps in a separate browser tab to achieve a full web based solution for your data analysis problem.