How to use PROOF to produce large set of MC pseudo-exprimets

Dear Proof experts,

I am new in this forum and wondering if anyone can help me or redirect me to the source of information in using PROOF to test my statistics by producing large(~1 million) MC pseudo-exprimets using the Frequentist calculator.

Thank you in anticipation,


you should be able to use Proof for running the ToyMCSampler class (used by the FrequntistCalculator) and get the sampling distributions in parallel.
For doing this you just need to do:

ToyMCSampler *toymcs = (ToyMCSampler*)frequentistCalculator->GetTestStatSampler();
int nWorkers = -1;   // number of core (-1 use all the available core)
const char host = "";  // use "" for using current host (ProofLite)
ProofConfig pc(*workSpace, nWorkers, host, kFALSE);
toymcs->SetProofConfig(&pc);    // enable proof